Mar 28, 2017

Sequoia trees

One of my favorite assignments - hugging trees and to give you an idea of one of my favorite trees.
Image result for statue of liberty vs empire state building vs redwoods
meanwhile, in comparison to the Empire State Building

Mar 23, 2017

a way to quickly create Bb test!

OMG, where has this been all my life? A Bb test generator!

It's easy as pie. If you need examples, just click the "Create sample question" to see how you should format the question and answer based on what kind of question you are using (multiple choice, multiple answer, T/F, essay question, etc.)

I found that test generator from this site that lists other Bb test generators.

Sep 20, 2016

appropriation of "ethnic" foods

I came across this article from a friend and I thought it was a great example to share with students: Why The Outrage Over Bon App├ętit’s Pho Article Is Completely Justified

 The privileged position of white chefs cooking "ethnic" foods really stood out for me in Ruth Tam's observation that "...when American chefs make ethnic cuisines, they not only profit off of the food, but they are also not subject to the prejudices immigrants face when creating the same food..."

 Now watch this:

tools for data visualization

This post offers some intersting data visualizations and data visualization tools.

Financial Literacy Quiz

Take the Financial Literacy Quiz and see how well you do.