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Stanford Prison experiment

Below are two videos about and related to the Stanford Prison Experiment. As you watch them, consider not only what they tell us about human nature and society-- which are invaluable-- but also what are the ethics involved in such experiments. Many such studies could not be conducted today-- they would never pass IRB boards-- why do you think so?

And lest you think this material is too old to matter...

Lesson - brainstorming a research idea

Do the following in the allotted time.
Total Time: 60 mins

7 minutes
Write down your research idea in a full question. If you had to choose a single main "theme" for you project, what would it be? e.g. Education, Criminal Justice, Civic Society, etc. 6 minutes
Who do you want to interview? Why do you want to do this project? Why do think this project is important? What do you think the answer is? (at least 2 hypotheses) 7 minutes
Do you think you will approach your project from a quantitative / qualitative perspective? Why? Do you think you will approach your project more from a deductive or inductive reasoning? Why? What paradigms inform your research project? Explain. 10 minutes
turn to your neighbor and discuss your topic 15 minutes
find others researching similar ideas and discuss your topic 15 minutes
Share your ideas with class