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Lesson - a VERY short survey

This activity offers students a chance to practice conceptualizing and operationalizing variables.

Total Time: 75 mins
Outside Prep: None

You will be creating a survey that can have no more than 10 questions so choose your study and your questions carefully!
  • (10 min) During the first 5 minutes of class, we’ll decide on a survey topic.
  • (10 min) Break into small discussion groups and state a hypothesis. 
  • (25 min) Then in the same small groups, operationalize the topic by developing five closed-ended questions, including response categories. Remember that you may want to include some demographic variables! One student from each group then writes the questions on the chalk board.
  • (30 min) Finally, the whole class comes back together to evaluate and edit the questions, and to choose the five they want on the survey. You can combine and eliminate similar questions, refine the wording, and adjust response categories. Then you will vote by a show of hands for the final three questions.


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