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video instructions for Google Drive

As we discussed the other day in class, instead of turning in a traditional hard copy of your next two papers, you will be sharing them with me via Google Docs. Below are a few videos I created to help you figure out Google Docs:

How to upload existing documents to Google Drive/Docs:

How to create documents in Google Drive/Doc:

Remember that you should name the document following this convention:
  • SP13-rm-YourLastName.FirstInitial-title of assignment
So let's say student Terry Smith wants to share the Qualitative Proposal with me, Terry would name the document as:
  • SP13-rm-Smith.T-Qualitative Proposal
For the reasons why you must name your document this way, please visit the Class Documents page. After you've named your document correctly, remember to share it with

Google Docs also has a chat function that makes it easier for you and me to work on your paper together. Please watch this video to see how this function works:


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