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What is an A?

Below is the grade scale that is set by the university.
  • A+ (97.5 – 100)
  • A  (92.5 – 97.4)
  • A- (90.0 – 92.4)
  • B+ (87.5 – 89.9)
  • B  (82.5 – 87.4)
  • B- (80.0 – 82.4)
  • C+ (77.5 – 79.9)
  • C  (70.0 – 77.4)
  • D  (60.0 – 69.9)
  • F  (< 60)
It’s worthwhile to consider what these grades actually mean. You do not earn an A in this class for working hard or being a nice person. Rather, your grades should reflect the extent that you are able to critically think about and assess the core concepts of this class.

A (exceptional)

  • Solid performance 
  • Basic skills mastered 
  • Originality, Creativity, Depth of Analysis 
  •  Sees beyond the obvious, looks for relationships and connections 
  •  The attempt is what counts. 

B (satisfactory)

  • Solid, competent performance 
  • Can summarize and use course skills adequately 
  • Good mastery of basic skills 
  • Needed to move from B to an A
    • Analysis, Insight and Creative Approach 

C (average)

  • Competent (but uneven) performance
  • Mastery of basic substance of course 
  • Basic skills often marginal/needs improvement (math, writing, reference) 
  • Needed to move from C to a B
    • Master more advanced or intricate course topics 
    • More critical reasoning (learn facts and themes in proper proportion) 

D or F (needs work)

  • Failure to master basic substance of course
  • Poor performance in basic skills (math, writing)
  • Often, poor attitude and work habits (does not participate in class discussions, does not complete assigned readings, unable to answer when questioned)
  • Needed to move D or F to a C:
    • All the above points need work


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