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free alternative to SPSS - PSPP

[updated 7/31/2012]
This is a GNU alternative to SPSS. I have not played with it some can't say much about it, but it's suppose to be very similar to SPSS so you may want to try it out. At some point, I'll try to test it and see how it compares. I've tried out the software and it's easy to install and works quite well. It resembles SPSS and while there may be some bells and whistles missing, it should be more than enough for the requirements of a basic undergrad class.

The software's main page is here: This site contains guides, etc. and is pretty informative.

If you just want to download and install the software, visit this page for the Windows version: Choose the appropriate package for your operating system (32bit or 64bit) and download the latest version. This package includes an installer package so it should be just like installing any other kind of software.

I don't use Mac so I can not speak to how to install or how well the program works in Mac, but this site looks like it offers package for this program:

If you're not familiar with installing GNU software, you may need to conduct a Google search for some guidance.

CAVEAT: If you elect to use PSPP, I will NOT be able to offer any technical support or guide toward how to use it. In most cases, the same steps that we take in SPSS apply to PSPP, but not always, so consider carefully whether this is the right software for you.


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