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places to access the GSS

There are several places to access the GSS. The main site of the GSS is here:
On this site, do the following to quickly access some basic information about GSS variables
  1. Browse Variables
  2. Subject index -> A 
  3. Choose abortion 
  4. Spousal consent 
  5. Notes Section—click “here” to see associated publications with variable.
To look at the questionnaire, click Publications and in the drop down menu choose GSS questionnaires.
  • V1-V6: Sections A-K- Core, Ballots 1-6—look at the Manual Map
Another popular place to access the GSS is Berkeley's Archive:
  1. Choose GSS 1972-2006 – Quick Tables
  2. Click on Politics and Voting by Background Variables 
  3. Explore the column variables (background variable) 
  4. Explore the row variables (political id.) 
  5. Choose Bar Chart
You may also want to try the following:
  1. go back to GSS 1972-2006 – Cumulative Datafile
  2. Row (choose a variable you’re interested in)—notice that the names are very specific-- "abany" 
  3. Column (choose sex)


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