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CUNY students, faculty, and staff have free access to the NY Times

The New York Times online is now available to all of CUNY! Yes, anyone with a valid CUNY e-mail address can receive unlimited access to the NY Times in digital and mobile formats. Unlike a regular subscription, this is an Academic Pass. You will still receive full access, but signing up is a bit different. Here are the steps to follow:
Go to on "Register" to create a account using your CUNY e-mail address.At the bottom of the Welcome page, click "Continue."If your email address is from an eligible school, you will then see "Check your email." Look for a “Confirm Your Email Address” message, which should arrive to your CUNY e-mail within 15 minutes.Click on the link in our confirmation email. This will simultaneously verify your eligibility and grant your Academic Pass, which will provide access to for your campus designated period.If you don’t get our confirmation email, check your spam filter. If…

using dice to demonstrate the sampling distribution

I've found that students tend to have a hard time understanding the sampling distribution. So I came up with this activity. I bought a bag of 100 dice at Amazon for about $10.

In-class activity: - give students 2 or 3 dice - have students record the mean of 10 rolls (each roll is an event or a sample) - have students enter their means in a spreadsheet (I used Google Forms) - thus, if there are 20 students in a class, there will effectively be 200 "events" or samples
- use SPSS or some other program to show the collective data of the entire class
Then visit this appletor this applet for more simulations.