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a pin board for students & online polls

To respond online, visit:

To respond via sms:
use this phone 22333; send PROFPOK to register your phone number; after that just keep replying to the messageif you're using Google Voice, you'll need to use this number (747) 444-3548. Click to view the results/cloud

The main limitation is that each poll is limited to 40 responses.

Another option is to create wordclouds based on text or use Padlet:

thoughts on ways to organize a course and syllabus

I've been thinking about this quite a bit as a prepare for my spring 2016 courses.

I always think that there must be a better way to organize a syllabus than a boring a word document (even if

Some of the things I've come up with:
- WorkFlowy (one of the advantages is that it's easy to duplicate for new classes)
- a mindmap
Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit Course Syllabus on MindMeister.
Course Syllabus by Kate B. Pok-Carabalona - Prezi

More to come...