National Broadband Map Goes Live, Shows Vast Swathes of Unconnected Country

Given student interest and our extensive conversations about the influence of technology, consider the following map and report.  How does this change your views and perceptions of technology's influence?

As promised, the Commerce Department's National Broadband Map went live yesterday, showing the various types and speeds of internet connections all across the country. It's meant to function both as a tool for consumers and businesses, and as a wakeup call to the country--it's pretty shocking to see just how much of the country lacks high-speed broadband. ...It also throws into sharp relief the fact that much of the country lacks broadband. Major population centers, like the Northeast Corridor, Chicagoland, Bay Area, Pacific Northwest, and Los Angeles-San Diego are blanketed, but much of the west, and even much of the southeast, are spotty at best.


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