NPR interviews Nancy Jo Sales about her book on teen girls and social media

It's almost trite to suggest that social media has exploded in recent years. Yet, researchers are still trying to figure out social media's impact on young people (and older people) alike. And of course there are numerous types of social media. For example, some argue that the rise of social media including selfies are positive for women or that social media such as Twitter have given voice and power to otherwise powerless people. Certainly, the rise of easy video-technology has played a large role in the rise of movements such as Black Lives Matter.

However, there is also another side to social media that includes cyber-bullying, trolling (which often exhibits virulent racism and sexism), and there is no clear advantage that selfies are all that empowering for women and girls. Here is NPR's interview with Nancy Jo Sales on her new book, American Girls. 

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