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Lesson - brainstorming a research idea

Do the following in the allotted time.
Total Time: 60 mins

7 minutes
  • Write down your research idea in a full question. 
  • If you had to choose a single main "theme" for you project, what would it be? e.g. Education, Criminal Justice, Civic Society, etc. 
6 minutes
  • Who do you want to interview? 
  • Why do you want to do this project? 
  • Why do think this project is important? 
  • What do you think the answer is? (at least 2 hypotheses) 
7 minutes
  • Do you think you will approach your project from a quantitative / qualitative perspective? Why? 
  • Do you think you will approach your project more from a deductive or inductive reasoning? Why? 
  • What paradigms inform your research project? Explain. 
10 minutes
  • turn to your neighbor and discuss your topic 
15 minutes
  • find others researching similar ideas and discuss your topic 
15 minutes
  • Share your ideas with class


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