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books and articles about exploitive conditions of adjuncts in academia

Some reads that I found only after a casual Google search. Confronting Biases Against Adjunct Faculty - Inside Higher Education Digital Technologies Drive Adjunct Labor Movements Con Job: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor - Directed and Produced by Megan Fulwiler and Jennifer Marlow (read the book) The New Old Labor Crisis - Think being an adjunct professor is hard? Try being a black adjunct professor . By TRESSIE MCMILLAN COTTOM , JAN 24, 2014 PBS - Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’? Low-paid adjunct professors struggle to make ends meet (Feb 6, 2014) Report shows alarming poverty among adjunct faculty April 2020 the actual report from AFT: “An Army of Temps: AFT 2020 Adjunct Faculty Quality of Work/Life Report” (PDF) Some Books: The Adjunct Underclass (review of book: It’s time to rethink universities’ growing reliance on contingent faculty By Daniel Scott 25 March, 2019)

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