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embedding Google Sheets into Bb

 I use Google Slides quite often. I also share these slides with students. I embed the slides into Bb using iframe codes. It turns out that embedding Google Slides isn't as straightforward as one would think.  Step 1: Make your slides public by changing the permissions. Step 2: In the presentation's URL, replace the highlighted section with "preview". edit#slide=id.g88e2a4cae6_0_94 preview with some numbers after it Step 3: Copy the new URL. Step 4: In order to use the iframe code, you will need to use the HTML editor in Blackboard. Click the HTML button to pull up the html editor: Step 5: Copy the iFrame code below and paste it into the html editor in Bb. Don't forget to paste your own preview URL into the highlighted section!  1 2 3 4 <p> <iframe width= "476" height= &quo

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