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stats on Coursera

Coursera is just one of many fast-growing MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) sites. There's a fantastic stats class available here ( taught by Professor Andrew Conway, a senior lecturer at Princeton University. Have a look and keep in mind that this is just one of the many stats resources available (often for free) online.

I should point out that the course uses R as the software for statistical analysis. R is a powerful package, but can be intimidating for some. I should further add that although I have not actually taken the Coursera course, I did glance at it and my initial impressions are that it's pretty good (I also glanced at Udacity's Stat's class and liked it less largely because I felt the same way as the AngryMath person but understand that as this post makes clear, the goals of Udacity and AngryMath person may be different and my goals align more with the AngryMath person).


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