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fragmentation of Adjunct movement

So this is the first year when I’ve actually started to get more involved in adjunct organizing. And I’ve quickly realized that one of the major problems for us is fragmentation. For example, there are no less than 9+ adjunct organizations related to CUNY. There are also at least 2 nation-wide organizations I know of, and of course, there are countless smaller, school-based organizations. image comes from Georgia Political Review
Here’s a list:

PSC CUNY (Professional Staff Congress- based)CUNY Adjunct Project (a DSC (Doctoral Student Council) project)CCU (CUNY Contingents Unite) (tied to wider labor movements)QC Adjunct Task Force (based at Queens College)OccupyCUNY.comOccupyCUNY on FacebookOccupyCUNY - NewsccupyCUNYGC on twitterAdjunctsforLiberation (actually ours! now defunct)Nation-Wide
COCAL (Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor)Adjunct ProjectThe New Faculty Majority blogThe New Faculty Majority Coalition (and on Facebook)I don’t think this fragmentation is an acciden…